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 Darcee Testimonial

I just wanted to tell you that I went for a 2 hour bike ride today… I wouldn’t have had the energy to do it last year. Thank you for giving me my life back!!!! Please know that I refer everyone I know to you.

- Darcee

 McDonald Testimonial

Hi! I am writing this to note to express how grateful I am to have found homeopathic medicine. I am a 53 year old with raised children. I started to see Dr. Kerissa Nielsen after undergoing a PET / CT scan. This treatment was a follow-up exam after thyroid surgery. During the injection of the radionuclide the hypodermic needle went interstitial and had to be redone. I experienced itching, burning and discomfort in my arm and shoulder. The homeopathic medicine I was given helped with the pain and discomfort that came as a result of a medical error. In the months to follow, Dr. Nielsen has helped me with sleep problems, Sciatica pain down the back of my left leg, digestive aids and an earache. It comforts me to know that there is medical care available with no side effects. My family and I would like to thank Dr. Nielsen for the checkup calls to my home and the personal care I have always received.

- Mrs. McDonald

 Shannon Testimonial

In April 2007 I came to Dr. Kerissa Nielsen, seeking help to cope with severe long-term depression. At this time I was taking Effexor 75gm and Welbutrin 75mg and a sleep aid. I had been on the Effexor and Welbutrin for approximately 9 years and it seemed to no longer be helping much. With Dr. Nielsen’s help, within 8 months I was completely off the pharmaceutical drugs, coping much easier with life and feeling truly alive again. Now another 4 months into homeopathic treatment I am feeling much stronger, more confident and happier than I have in at least 10 years, and remain blissfully drug free!

- Shannon E.


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Thank you for giving me my life back!!!! Please know that I refer everyone I know to you. -Darcee