3Homeopathic Remedies For Summer Heat

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Hot summer weather can be nice, but what about when it is exceptionally hot outside? Maybe you are the type of person that is easily bothered by too much heat.

Being overheated in this way is not only draining, it can also be dangerous. Always be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat if you are going to be in direct sunlight for an extended period of time and drink plenty of water.

Here are a few symptoms of too much summer heat to look out for:

  • heat headaches
  • sunburn
  • radiating heat without sweating
  • dilated pupils
  • fatigue

Homeopathic remedies for conditions caused by summer heat:


If your face is flushed and you are not sweating, you could have heat stroke. Belladonna is one of the top solutions to a heat of this kind, along with a cold compress and lots of water.


Lachesis is a cooling homeopathic remedy for fatigue caused by heat exposure. This remedy also provides relief from hot flashes and hot sweats.


Cantharis is a homeopathic remedy that can be used to ease the pain and blistering of mild sunburns.


If you are unsure of what homeopathic remedy is best for your symptoms or of what concentrations/dosage to use, feel free to reach out to a homeopathic doctor who can give you more personalized advice and help you find the remedy that is right for you.

Dr. Nielsen has been practicing family medicine for over 10 years with a special interest in women's health, mental health (anxiety and depression disorders) and hormonal disorders.


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