Anger Management And Homeopathy


Anger Management

Anger is a strong emotional state of being upset or frustrated. There are many causes of anger including suppressed emotions, stress, poor self-esteem, low tolerance levels, etc. Genes and hereditary also play a role in how a person will react to a situation.

There are many different types of anger. Here are the major types:

  • Verbal anger
  • Passive anger
  • Self-inflicted anger
  • Overwhelmed anger
  • Chronic Anger

Homeopathy and Anger

You may not realize it, but homeopathy has been used to treat anger issues. These type of remedies work to modify angry temperaments by going to a deeper level of the brain. They help to balance the mood and negative thoughts that lead to anger.

A great benefit of homeopathy is that it is non-habit forming.

Here are some common homeopathic medicines for anger:

  • Nux Vomica: One of the best homeopathic medicines for anger over trivial things. This is used primarily for those that get offended easily.
  • Staphysagria: For violent outbursts. Individuals may throw or break things out of anger or there may be a history of mental and physical abuse.
  • Aurum Met: Most effective among homeopathic medicines for anger when contradicted. This is also used for those with chronic depression.
  • Tarentual Hispanic: Used when attended with destructive behaviour. Impatience and high level of irritability are also observable traits.

As always, it is important to speak with a homeopath before beginning treatment. A homeopath will recommend a course of action that will treat your individual symptoms. Learn more about our Foundation of Health Services.


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