Body Wrap Treatments


Hydrating & Weight Loss Body Wraps: (90 min) $150

A service that can provide many different results! Starting with a full body exfoliation, massage, mud wrap, and ending with a mini massage to moisturize the skin.

Body Scrub & Moisture Treatment $110

Skin is your body's largest organ which has several vital functions including temperature regulation, protection against microbes, protection by permitting sensations of touch, heat and cold. Healthy skin is vital to good health and we offer a full body exfoliation using Dr Belter Sugar Scrub which gently removes dead skin while applying a skin softening treatment. We'll finish by applying a full body moisturizer. Your skin will feel alive and silky smooth and you well feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Weight Loss Wraps

(Results Vary) Treatment starts with a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the lymphatic system, we apply Dr. Belter Thermo-Contour Complex to help with cellulite and slack skin tissue. While laying down in a warm blanket and tin foil wrap, your body will work hard to try to cool itself, which will significantly increase your heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. Although weight loss due to perspiration (water loss) can be regained through hydration, sending more blood to the capillaries and converting fats allows the calories burned in the process to be gone forever! Ending the treatment with Dr. Belter Perfect-Recovery Body Cream, which targets various strains such as skin expansion, unbalanced nutrition, re-stimulate connective tissue and helps with weight loss.

Hydration Body Wraps

Similar to weight loss wraps in the facts that your body will again be stimulated to work harder, resulting in inches lost. In this wrap, we are targeting the body’s lack of moisture and hydration. Dr. Belter’s Bio-Satin body lotion is a silky emulsion that balances the effects of moisture loss, and provides nourishing, vitalizing elements. High quantities of sesame oil, marigold and konjac combine to pamper your skin. Add a touch of silk powder in which makes the skin looks more radiant and even.


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With Dr. Nielsen’s help, (I am) coping much easier with life and feeling truly alive again. I am feeling much stronger, more confident and happier than I have in at least 10 years, and remain blissfully drug free! -Shannon E.