Early Breast Cancer Detection And Breast Thermography

undefined You may recognize thermal imaging as a tool that the military uses to track down enemies, however, now the same technology is being used to help women monitor their breast health.

In the past, only self-exams and mammograms were used for early detection of breast cancer, but now thermography is being added to the list. Breast thermography is another tool that will help women stay healthy.

How Breast Thermography Works

Cindy Stillwell Chronister, owner of Core Health Thermography and Wellness explains that breasts have a signature similar to a fingerprint. As women age, that signature should not change. Changes will indicate that there is something happening that’s heading in the wrong direction. Cindy has her patients stand in a temperature and air-controlled room. Using thermal imaging, she’s able to spot any worry areas. The thermogram is able to see activity from the physiological health of the breast before a mass is even formed.

When to Start Monitoring

It’s important to note that thermography is not an alternative – it’s an extra tool that should be used in conjunction with self-exams and mammograms. It should complement other tools that women can use to monitor their breast health.

Stillwell Chronister recommends getting the scans starting at age 20 and continuing them every three years for people aged 20-35. Remember, starting young is key. The thermogram will measure changes over time, helping women to do monitor their breast health and address any worrisome signs early on.


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