Homeopathy And Acne

What is Acne

undefined Acne or pimples – however you want to define them, is a common skin condition deeply affecting teens and even adults. The emotional impact can be severe. Poor self-esteem and stress can be caused by acne.

As pores clog with dead skin cells and oil, acne will form. Severe acne often leads to the formation of scars.

Homeopathy and Acne

Homeopathy can be used to treat acne in a safe and natural way. Homeopathic medicines treat acne internally, without any harsh external applications. Let's take a look at some classic acne remedies:

Remedies for Acne

The top rated acne treatments are Psorinum, Hepar Sulph and Kali Bromatum.

Psorinum is a good treatment for all kinds of acne breakouts in oily skin. Hepar Sulph works best for pustular acne and extremely painful acne. Kali Bromatum is the best for acne that is present on the face, chest and shoulders.

For acne on the cheeks, try Antimonium Crudum and Natrum. For forehead acne, Psorinum and Silicea are most commonly used. As for the chin, Thuja Occidentalis and Calcarea Carb work extremely well.

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