Homeopathy Vs Naturopathy

undefined What’s the difference between homeopathy and naturopathy?

Many people think that homeopathy and naturopathy are one and the same thing, however, they differ for very important reasons.


Naturopathy is a broad spectrum descriptor. Practitioners are more likely to prescribe multiple treatment approaches like supplements, herbs, and dietary adjustments. Naturopathy can focus on herbal medicine, massage, nutrition, iridology, and can include homeopathy.

A naturopathy consultation is likely to include dietary advice, vitamins, minerals, and herbal medicines.


Homeopathy is a single system of medicine in which practitioners focus totally on the application of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic consultations involve gathering detailed information about the patterns of your symptoms. Your treatment will be a homeopathic medicine prescribed according to how closely the medicine picture matches your particular symptoms.

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It comforts me to know that there is medical care available with no side effects. My family and I thank Dr. Nielsen for the checkup calls to our home and the personal care we have always received. -Mrs. McDonald


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