Homeopathic Remedies for Headaches

undefinedHeadaches are one of the most common causes of suffering for humans. They can occur from a variety of different causes, including stress, hypertension, sinusitis, allergies, hyperacidity, and can be debilitating and painful.

Most people look for ways to treat their headaches fast. Fortunately, homeopathic medicine can help. There are a plethora of homeopathic remedies to choose from, however, we have narrowed down the list to help you. Here are some of our top homeopathic remedies for headaches:

Natrum Mur:

This is one of the top remedies for headaches and offers great relief for throbbing pain. Natrum mur is for patients that experience semi-lateral headaches or migraines with nausea and vomiting.

Natrum mur contains sodium chloride, which is found in table salt. It can be found in health food and drug stores in various potencies.


Belladona is used for acute headaches that start suddenly. Many times the headache occurs from having a cold. The headache can be aggravated by lying down or noise.

Belladonna is a plant whose leaf and root are used to make medicine to help treat headaches.


Gelsemium is used to treat headaches associated with vertigo. These tension headaches can cause dull pain and a feeling of heaviness.

Gelsemium is a plant that is mainly used for migraine headaches.


Glonoine is used when a head feels large and aches. Some people may experience dizziness, congestion, and a surge of blood to their head.

Glonoine is a great homeopathic remedy for congestive headaches.


Chamomilla can provide relief for headaches that come on quick. Patients may feel throbbing pain in half of the head and the headache is usually associated with hot clammy sweat on the forehead.


Ignatia is good for sharp headaches. These headaches may be from anger, grief or another emotional cause. Ignatia works to relieve these type of hollow-feeling headaches.