Homeopathy: Simple Ways to Look Healthier and Enhance Your Beauty

undefinedDid you know that homeopathy can enhance your beauty and make you look healthier? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Homeopathy and Hair

It’s important to take care of your hair as much as it is your skin. Dandruff and hair-fall are two common concerns that people have. This can be due to many different reasons like fungal infections and skin dryness.

Sulphur, phosphorous and Thuja can be taken according to the patient’s characteristics. Also Badiaga tincture added to oil can be applied to the scalp and washed away after 10 minutes.

Hair oils like Arnica and Jaborandi will help prevent dandruff and hair loss, while facilitating hair growth. Katarvazha (Aloe Vera) is also beneficial for creating soft, luscious hair.

Homeopathy and Skin

A major concern for people with their skin is acne. Although many teens face problems with acne, some adults can have issues too.

Medicines such as Pulsattila, Natrumor, Beriberis Aquifolium, Phsophorus, Sepia and Costicum are used to help treat acne. Gram flour has also been found to be effective for those that have oily skin.

Dark Spots Around Eyes

If you are dealing with dark spots, it is likely due to the blood vessels in this area showing through the skin. This issue could be due to heredity, anaemia, allergies, asthma, certain medicines or exhaustion.

Medicines like Ars Alb, China, Lycopodium, Natrum CArb, Nux Vomica and Rhus Tox are used depending on the disease symptoms and the patient’s characteristics.