What happens in a homeopathy session?

undefinedIn 2015, a survey indicated that 79% of the population are open to the idea of homeopathy. If you are one of the individuals who are open to homeopathy, but would like to learn more about what happens during a homeopathy appointment, read on.

A Homeopathy Appointment in Detail

Your first homeopathic appointment will be a bit lengthier. Your homeopath will review your full case history during this time and touch on any of your current concerns. This is also when you have the opportunity to talk about your health and relevant life history.

Homeopaths are very focused on the health of the entire body. You may be asked questions such as what foods do you like, which ones do not like you, are you affected by heat, cold, or damp, etc.

Additionally, your homeopath will ask questions to try and get in your shoes. What makes you happy, sad, or angry? How do you currently live? How would you like to live? How do you cope with stress? These type of emotional questions will affect any homeopathic remedies, allowing the homeopath to further customize your plan.

Homeopathy is a Judgment Free Zone

It may be a bit intimidating entering a homeopathy session, especially if it is a new experience. It’s important to remember that a homeopath will provide a safe, nonjudgemental space, which is perfect for exploring one’s health, thoughts, and feelings. Homeopaths are not attempting psycho-analysis, but instead gathering information needed to remedy match.

For the best results, be open and honest with your homeopath. This will help the homeopath provide the best treatment plan tailored to you.