Hay Fever & Homeopathy

undefinedWhen our immune system is in sync, it protects us from the bacteria, viruses, and toxins that enter our bodies. With hay fever though, something goes horribly wrong and it starts to overreact to harmless substances such as pollens, grasses, and animal dander.

For those experiencing hay fever, life can be miserable. Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, itching, headaches, asthma, watery eyes and post nasal drip are just some of the allergic responses that people with hay fever can experience.

While hay fever may seem like surface symptoms, it is really a deep-seated complaint. Commonly prescribed sprays and tablets only suppress symptoms and don’t truly solve the problem.

Homeopathic remedies can be effective when taken during the acute phase of hay fever. It’s important to remember to choose the remedy that matches your symptoms.

Allium cepa: This remedy, prepared from the red onion, treats the symptom of streaming eyes and nose that is worse in warm and stuffy rooms. Sneezing can be intense and frequent, and eyes are sensitive to the light.

Euphrasia: A classic remedy for hay fever where there is a lot of sneezing with streaming eyes and nose. If the water from the eyes burns the cheeks and the discharge from the nose is not too bad, this remedy is needed.

Natrum muriaticum: For initial streaming, bland discharge from both the eyes and nose with lots of sneezing. Later, nasal discharge that is thick and clear like the white of an egg with loss of taste and smell.

Sulphur: For those experiencing watery, burning nasal discharge or a blocked nose when outside. Frequent sneezing and burning pain in eyes. Symptoms can worsen by warmth. May be lazy, opinionated and desire sweets, alcohol, and spicy food.