Can Homeopathy Treat Autism?

undefinedOne brave woman, Amy L. Lansky, PhD, sought homeopathic treatment for her autistic son, Max, and shared her story in Vitality Magazine.

Amy explains that when Max was 3, his preschool program recommended medical attention. Max was becoming increasingly detached, did not make good eye contact, did not respond to his name and was manifesting self-stimulation activities like spinning.

Although Max was happy in demeanor, he had only ten or twenty words in his vocabulary and was not yet making two-word sentences. Nor did he seem to understand when spoken to.

Discovering a new treatment

Amy explains that she did research for Max’s condition and discovered the Feingold diet. One of the suspect items was pasteurized cow’s milk, something that Max seemed addicted to. Max’s parents pulled him off milk and Max finally was able to speak 2 sentences.

At this point, Amy began reading about homeopathic treatments for her son. Amy felt that an individualized approach would be effective for her son since she agrees that every disease is unique. She explains that 10 different autistic patients will most likely end up getting 10 different remedies since homeopathy will treat the individual symptoms of the patient.

Max’s response to homeopathy was incredible. Read the full article in Vitality Magazine and find out how Max’s autism was treated by homeopathy.