Going to a Hot Destination? Here’s How Homeopathy Can Help

Going to a Hot Destination? Here’s How Homeopathy Can Help

Dreaming about your upcoming vacation to a hot destination? We don’t blame you, especially with cooler weather coming to Canada soon.

We thought you should know that there are a few things you can do to ensure that your trip goes exactly as planned.

Here are some preventive measures and things to keep in mind when traveling to hot destinations:


There are several things that you can do to prevent getting the flu on vacation, including sanitizing surfaces and washing your hands frequently.

You should also eat healthy and maintain proper sleep habits to protect your immune system.

Consulting with a homeopath can also give you a better idea of what specific triggers can make YOU more susceptible to illness, so you can avoid them.

One of the best homeopathic remedies for flu symptoms is Oscillococcinum.

Food Poisoning

If you experience food poisoning while on vacation, it can definitely put a damper on things. Luckily, there are several homeopathic remedies that help with food poisoning.

Arsenicum, Antimonium, Bryonia, Ipecac, and Phosphorus can all help with food poisoning depending on the characteristics of the symptoms that you are suffering from.

Traveler’s Diarrhea

Nobody wants to suffer from traveler’s diarrhea, since it would obviously get in the way of exploring or lounging at the beach.

If you do end up contracting this while abroad, there are a few homeopathic remedies you could take to help with the symptoms, including Aloe, Arsenicum Album, and Sulfur.

Sunburn Remedies

When you arrive at your travel destination, don’t have so much fun that you forget to put on sunscreen regularly. It can be easy to get badly sunburnt in warmer climates.

Should you get a nasty sunburn, don’t worry. There are homeopathic remedies to help ease the pain so you can continue to enjoy your vacation.

Some top remedies for sunburn are Cantharis and Urtica Urens.

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