Breast Thermography Advantages

What are the advantages of breast thermography?

Thermography imaging scans show the function, physiology, and metabolism of breast tissue. In other words, thermography detects changes in heat due to angiogenesis (a physiological process which involves the growth of new blood vessels and plays a role in breast health risk assessment).

Thermography imaging scans shows the heat differences between normal breast tissue and potential areas of concern. Usually, abnormal cells are “hotter” because of the demand of blood flow to feed the potential malignant tissue. Since rapid growth is part of cancer development, chemicals are produced to help grow new blood vessels; this process is known as angiogenesis.

This means inflammatory cancers can be assessed earlier because of the demand of blood growth. In addition, thermography imaging scans are able to provide the earliest evidence of breast disease. At a 90% sensitivity rate, thermography is an effective tool to assess breast health concerns.

The advantages you will experience with breast thermography

1. Timely: Problems often are found before structural abnormalities are seen with mammograms.

2. Comprehensive: Thermography examines the whole chest, breast, and armpit areas, and is great for all ages. Thermography is not limited by various factors such as breast size, dense tissue, or fibrocystic breasts, and the results are not affected for women who are on hormonal medications (birth control and hormone replacement therapy).

3. Accurate: Helps discover potential problem areas, which allows for a more precise focus on diagnosing potential concerns.

4. Effortless: No squeezing, no pressure, no touching by equipment or technician.

5. Hazard free: No harmful radiation rays emitted, so digital infrared imaging scan can be done often to monitor breast health and to help guide treatment.