Calgary Breast Thermography Screening Preparation

Screening Preparation

Please follow these preparation instructions for your breast thermography screening to ensure that your screening is done appropriately:

  • You are asked to avoid any natural or artificial tanning of your chest for five (5) days prior to the study date.
  • You must not have had significant fevers within 36 hours of the examination.
  • You must avoid any clinical physical stimulation, examination, or compression of the breasts (self or clinical examination, ultrasound, or mammogram) for at least 24 hours prior to the examination.
  • You should refrain from a sauna, steam room, or hot/cold packs in contact with the breasts for at least 4 hours prior to the examination.
  • You are asked not to shave your underarms or use any skin creams, lotions, deodorants, or powders on your breasts or underarms on the study day.
  • You are asked to refrain from exercise, bathing, or showering for 4 hours prior to examination.
  • You are asked to refrain from any tobacco use, or caffeinated coffee or tea consumption for 2 hours prior to the examination.
  • Do not wear restrictive clothing, such as a bra, to the exam.

Additional information

A female technician will take your images. Surgical procedures such as implants, reductions, and biopsies do not interfere with infrared imaging. Breast infrared imaging is perfectly 100% safe to have during pregnancy or when nursing.

You will be requested to sign a thermography consent form before proceeding with imaging. After your scan we will give you an estimate of the expected date the reports will be available.