Tips for Your First Homeopathic Appointment

undefinedYour first visit to a Homeopath can be a surprising experience. In order to prep yourself for your first appointment, there are some things that patients should be aware of. In order to help prepare you for your first Homeopathic appointment, here are our top tips.

Acute vs. Chronic Appointments

Not all consultations will be treated the same. Depending if you are suffering from an acute condition or a chronic condition, your appointment will likely vary.

An acute consultation is for conditions that have a limited life. For example, migraines, coughs, colds, sprains, ear infections and burns all have a definitive life span.

On the other hand, chronic conditions, like arthritis, IBS, infertility, and asthma, are conditions that are not-short lived. These are conditions that patients deal with on an ongoing basis.

Chronic conditions will require a longer appointment. Homeopaths will ask lots of questions about the patient’s imbalance and condition.

Acute Appointments

During an acute appointment, your Homeopath will touch on the following points:

  • Location
  • Sensation
  • Symptoms
  • Cause

In other words, your Homeopath will ask questions such as where does it hurt? What does it feel like? Was it triggered by anything? What are your symptoms?

Chronic Appointments

For consultations for chronic problems, your Homeopath will ask questions similar to those above for acute complaints.

Your Homeopath will gather information from your complaints and symptoms in order to develop a plan that can help remedy your situation.