Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

undefinedIf you are looking to lose some weight, incorporating homeopathic remedies into your routine can help. Homeopathy and nutrition is a potent combination for weight loss because it is shown to improve digestive, metabolism, and elimination.

If you are looking to incorporate some homeopathic remedies into your weight loss routine, here are some to try:

Ammonium Carb:

Ammonium Carb is prescribed if you have the following physiological traits:

  • Weak heart
  • Timid personality
  • Depressed
  • Suffering from chronic rhinitis

Ammonium mur

Ammonium mur is ideal for patients who have:

  • An apple shaped body, thin legs and large buttocks
  • Sadness, but do not weep
  • Irritability and quickness to anger
  • Ulcerative pain in the heel

Antimonium crudum

Antimonium crudum is ideal for young people and children and should be used if the patient is the following:

  • Sensitive
  • Has a thickly coated white tongue
  • Has discolored nails
  • Craves salty and sour foods


This homeopathic remedy should be used if the patient has:

  • Excessive weight
  • Dryness of throat, swollen tonsils
  • Pale face
  • Tongue feels rough
  • Difficulty swallowing

It’s tough to say how long it will take for the homeopathic medicine to work. Results vary depending on the patient and how much weight they have to lose. Remember, homeopathic remedies will be effective for you only when the action of the medicine matches your symptoms. Be sure to consult a qualified homeopathy practitioner for your problems!