Even Prince Charles Uses Homeopathic Remedies to Reduce Antibiotic Use

undefinedPrince Charles recently said he had switched to organic farming on his estates because of the growing threat from antibiotic resistance. He now treats his cattle with homeopathic remedies rather than conventional medicine.

“As some of you may be aware, this issue has been a long-standing and acute concern to me,” he told delegates from 20 countries and international organizations at The Royal Society in London.

Prince Charles: Pro-Homeopathic Treatments

Prince Charles warned that Britain faced a potential disaster because of the overuse and abuse of antibiotics.

“I have enormous sympathy for those engaged in the vital task of ensuring that, as the world population continues to increase unsustainably and travel becomes easier, antibiotics retain their availability to overcome disease,” said the Prince.

“It must be incredibly frustrating to witness the fact that antibiotics have too often simply acted as a substitute for basic hygiene, or as it would seem, a way of placating a patient who has a viral infection or who actually needs little more than patience to allow a minor bacterial infection to resolve itself.” Prince Charles also proclaimed that patients need to have more patience and wait for illnesses to clear up naturally rather than demanding drugs from General Practitioners.

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