Homeopathy and a Holistic Approach to Healing Animals

undefinedYou may have heard of homeopathy for humans, but have you heard of healing animals with homeopathy? That’s what one veterinarian set out to do.

Wendy Jensen is a homeopathic veterinarian who runs a house-call service from her home in Bow. For more than 20 years, Wendy has been taking a holistic approach to treating animals. She started her home practice in 1994, shortly after completing the Professional Course in Veterinary Homeoapthy.

Her newest book, Practical Handbook of Verterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out, seeks to teach humans how to treat their animals with a holistic approach. Wendy hopes that the book will give readers a better understanding of animals.

Homeopathy and Animals

So how does Wendy do it? Just like a homeopathy for humans, Jensen focuses on taking inventory of the animal. She finds out all the details about what they have shown with their self, how they are suffering, how they are sick, etc. It can take up to a day of evaluation to decide on the remedy.

Just like homeopathy for humans, Jensen focuses on treating the whole body. Jensen then checks back with her patients, following up every week and every month to ensure they are on the proper path to recovery.

For more information on Wendy Jensen’s holistic approach to healing animals, find the full article, here.