Side Effects and Homeopathy

undefinedOne of the greatest advantages of using homeopathy is that it doesn’t have side effects. Homeopathy is great because it offers gentle medicine and can be used to eliminate the side effects of a less superior medicine or drugs.

Aggravations vs. Side Effects

Often times people new to homeopathy will confuse side effects with aggravations. When starting a homeopathic regime, it’s important to understand the difference between aggravations and side effects.

An aggravation is an exacerbation of symptoms that are presented shortly after taking a homeopathic remedy. The aggravation occurs when a patient is in a high-pitched state (during a migraine or at the height of pain).

Aggravation will occur within the first few days of the first dose. Aggravations shouldn’t be a concern. In fact, this is a sign that the correct remedy has been chosen. An experienced Homeopath can keep an aggravation from occurring.

Aggravations and Acute Pain

Homeopathy for acute illness (colds, bee sting, laceration) will result in no aggravation. It is extremely rare to see any effect from this other than curative.

What is a Side Effect?

A side effect comes from a substance that is a toxin (ex: aspirin causes an ulcer). The response is to a toxin and is experienced by a large number of people. It is not unique to one person. This is how a side effect and aggravation differ from each other.