Homeopathy performed better than antibiotics for ear infections

undefinedIf you’ve ever had an ear infection, you know how painful it can be. It can be even more painful to watch your child or baby have an ear infection.

Treating an ear infection or ear pain quickly is imperative to relieving the pain. Fortunately, homeopathy can help with that. In fact, a recent study showed that in some cases, homeopathy performs better than antibiotics for treating ear pain. Symptoms improved rapidly, often within hours of the remedy being given and without the introduction of new problems. All you need to know are some basic homeopathic remedies. Here are some common earache remedies that can help:

Aconite napellus (Acon.)

When used in the early stages of an ear infection, Aconite napellus can be extremely beneficial to those experiencing ear pain. If the patient is restless, thirsty, anxious, or frantic, Aconite napellus should be used.

Key symptoms: rapid onset, intense, restlessness, anxiety, worse after midnight.

Belladonna (Bell.)

Patients with sudden, intense pain, bright red ears or ear canals, glassy eyes or dilated pupils should seek out Belladonna to relieve their ear pain. These patients may also experience a high fever, headache, or pain only in their right side.

Key symptoms: rapid onset, redness, right-sided, intense.


For those with unbearable pain who cannot be comforted by anything except by being carried or rocked briskly. You may notice one cheek is red, while the other is pale.

Key symptoms: angry, impatient, cannot be pleased.


Those who have difficulty hearing, but see improvements with blowing the nose, yawning, or swallowing, should seek out Silicea. The patient may have some discharge of blood, pus, or another smelly substance. The ear canal may itch.

Key symptoms: itching, difficulty hearing, sweaty head in sleep.